PT3, SPM Curriculum Mastery

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mentoring you to success

Study smart in a conducive learning environment

with professional tuition teachers

Answer questions competently

Stop feeling anxious, stress, and broken during exams

Lead a purposeful life

Realize your dreams through self-development programs


SPM/PT3 Academic programs

SPM, PT3 Mastercourse

weekly tuition

Experienced Teachers

✔️With engaging lesson plans in a small class size (5-10 students)
✔️Qualified, experienced and inspiring teachers that bring education beyond classrooms
✔️Structured and personalized feedback that speeds up a students learning by about 70%

Instant/Individual feedback

✔️Get high value feedback from certified PT3/SPM examiners
✔️Learn to answer questions effectively and leave examiners no choice but to give you full marks

bi-annual spm checkpoints

Trial Exams

✔️Get accustomed to the exam environment
✔️Apply what you have learnt in a time-dependent exam hall
✔️Manage your time so you do not have to leave exam halls feeling worried, stressed and broken

Progressive Web App

✔️Download Lecture notes and exercises weekly
✔️Connect and learn with classmate in a challenging and collaborative environment
✔️Test yourself with competency test

Easy to understand study notes + exercieses

✔️Easy to understand notes arranged by chapters so you can score A's in every semester exams without having to pull any all-nighters.
✔️Exercises and revision checkpoints that make sure you hit every sweet spots required to ace your exams
✔️SPM Exam models and answers that enable students to answer exams questions like a catchy song lyric.

spm seminars and workshops

Personal Discovery Workshop

✔️Discover what truly motivates a person so you can study with zero distractions
✔️Discover how to not let emotions get in the way of the results you desire!
✔️Discover how navigate through challenges in a team in outdoor/indoor camps and activities

SPM Seminars Tips

Get high value feedback from SPM examiners
Answer questions effectively and leave examiners no choice but to give you full marks

The tools-The game changer

40 workweek action plan

Discover how planning ahead could increase productivity by about 200%

Embark on your education journey strategically so you don't have to handle the pressure of studying at the very last minute

Set smaller goals that eventually adds up to straight A's by following a simple 5 step process that many top performing professionals use.

The tools- The Big picture

Syllabus outline mindmaps

Creative, easy to understand syllabus outline that gives you a birds eye view of every subjects taught.

Discover how utilizing constructed master mindmaps that kickstart the education journey with the end in mind could increase student efficacy

Take a trip down memory lane as you progress and learn new topics

The tools-SPM Exam Model Questions

SPM model questions

Discover how utilizing constructed master mindmaps can kickstart the education journey with the end in mind.

Take a trip down memory lane as you progress and learn new topics

Here's what possible for you...

Here's what you get from us in one year

  • Crash Course SPM notes + Tutorial backed by tuition classes

  • 10 month Action Plan for every subjects

  • SPM model questions + 2 Exam checkpoints backed by certified SPM examiners


  • Graduation Cetificate

  • Moodle

  • Affiliate program

  • Tuition Waiver

  • Free notes

  • 4 Training workshops for personal discovery

  • 3 Day Intensive Revision course/Seminar

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